Welcome to The Superposition

Written by Josh-Jones-Dilworth, CEO

At JDI, our mission is to make precedent-setting science companies well known and understood.

We want to live in a world where science flourishes in America and beyond.

In such a world, science and scientists enjoy a high profile, consistent funding, and broad-based participation. In such a world, science, art, and culture are contemporaries, not combatants. Science literacy and science appreciation are widespread. Foundational information about how to do science is public, accessible, and equitable.

Perhaps most importantly, in this world scientists have a real seat at the most important tables in business and government, helping ensure sound decision-making as the pace of change quickens exponentially. Respect for science should be universal, and everyone should benefit from science.

We can sit back and lament where we find ourselves today. But who would that help? We know where we want to go, so we may as well roll up our sleeves and get to work. Begin as you mean to go on, as they say.

That’s why we’re launching The Superposition today.

We’re going to tell stories about science and scientists. We’re going to highlight potential breakthroughs. And we’re going to weigh in on the intersection of science, art, culture and communications.

We’re not practicing scientists at JDI. We are curious about the scientific process in a wide array of disciplines and have empathy for scientists working at the frontier of what’s possible.

We are, however, gifted storytellers. That’s the gold that we possess, that we cultivate. We know that a story well-told can change the prospects of an early-stage venture. But a great story can also inspire a generation of scientists, it can create the conditions necessary for informed discourse for millions. And yes, we believe stories will help restore science to its rightful place in society.

We won’t be covering news. We’re not going to be sharing updates about ourselves, nor will we participate in any navel gazing. We’re just going to tell stories about scientists, science, and the cultural fabric that connects all of us to them.

Welcome to The Superposition.


We believe that progress is measured not by the number of new technologies created, but by their ability to be understood, embraced, and leveraged for positive impact. We seek to bring you easy-to-understand briefs on science and technology that can change the world, interviews with the leaders at the forefront of these breakthroughs, and writing that illuminates the importance of communication within and beyond the scientific community. The Superposition is produced by JDI, a boutique consultancy that brings emerging technology and science-driven companies to market. Our mission is to make precedent-setting science companies well known and understood. We pursue mastery of marketing, communications, and design to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve. We believe that a good story — well told — can change the world.

To learn more, or get in touch, reach out to us at superposition@jones-dilworth.com.

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