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We are writers, designers, PR professionals, media buyers, analytics-obsessed marketers, and proven strategists.

We pride ourselves on subject matter expertise, candor, and incredible client service. We set a high bar for results, and are harder on ourselves than you can ever be.

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We love our business because people are the product.

Our manifesto shows how we think, write, design, and advise both our clients and each other. So, are our people your people?

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We act as your outsourced marketing department.

Design, marketing and communications operate as one unit at JDI. Not all of our clients use us for everything, but we always span more than one role.

Our Work

“The future is here...it’s just not evenly distributed yet.”

-William Gibson

We make sure our clients, whether they’re breaking new ground in geothermal energy or improving quality of life with digital therapeutics, get the attention they deserve.

Interested in what happens when art and science come together? Let’s meet.


It’s our goal to make precedent-setting science companies well known and understood.

We give voice to the tenacious and brave leaders of scientific discovery. We foster a conscious culture of knowledge; we are curious about the scientific process in a wide array of disciplines including but not limited to: AI and robotics, new space, food systems, the future of education, neuroscience, chemistry and biology, cellular agriculture, climate technology, new materials, quantum computing, and data science. Collaborating with innovators at the edge of what’s possible brings us joy and endows our work with purpose.

“I do indeed believe that there is a certain contrast between people in scientific professions and people working in the arts. Often there is even mutual suspicion and irritation, and in some cases one group greatly undervalues the other.

Perhaps there is a transitional group, like the green between the yellow and the blue of the rainbow. This transitional group believes that one cannot do without either the one or the other.”

M.C. Escher
Our Words

We publish weekly dispatches from the frontiers of science and technology.

From conversations with astrodynamicists and a data artist, to our thoughts on agriculture and the energy transition, The Superposition asks and answers questions about the world around us.

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