At JDI Tony, Director, Marketing and Recruiting, works closely with our enterprise software and developer-focused clients, and he's a lifelong tinkerer and naturalist – he bought his first telescope at age 12 and has built almost every computer he's ever owned.

Tony is driven to both understand how things work and tell stories that inspire a similar curiosity in others. This is especially true with applied science and emerging technology, and at JDI he applies his expertise across AI, Robotics, Blockchain, and Genomics. The majority of his work spans content creation – writing long-form op-eds, white papers, and case studies – media relations, and messaging and positioning. In all these ways, he conspires with our clients to bring some of the world’s most impactful technologies to market.

Before joining JDI Tony worked as a US Coast Guard Captain and a divemaster, founded a coffee roasting company, and earned a doctorate in American Studies at UT Austin where he taught courses on the history of underground infrastructure and the rhetoric of futurism.

These days he spends as much time as he can exploring the outdoors on slow, meandering walks with his three-year old daughter, Luisa, reading pulp detective fiction, and taking stuff apart.

You can find him on LinkedIn here.

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Fun Facts

I've logged over 1000 scuba dives.
I climbed Mt. Etna while it was (mildly) erupting.
I play the mandolin.
I'm addicted to crossword puzzles.