As Vice President at JDI, Liz Jones-Dilworth leads our professional development program, manages our finances, serves on our recruitment team, and works to support and strengthen JDI’s culture.

Growing up on a farm in northwest Iowa, she watched her parents work tirelessly for their business. She wasn’t certain she could find a job that would compel her to apply the same rigor.

Liz first pursued the most impactful career she could imagine: teaching. While getting her Ph.D. in American poetry, she taught literature and communication at the University of Texas. She discovered that a university is a much less magical place for professors than it is for students -- and even if working conditions weren’t trending in the wrong direction, cultural change in higher education happens at a snail’s pace.

Meanwhile, exploring publishing and non-profits sparked her interest in operations. Initially attracted to these companies for the art they created, Liz found that she cared most about how they ran, how they fostered growth, and how they treated customers and team members.

At JDI, Liz is back in a family business, one that calls upon her writing, teaching, process-creating, and problem-solving skills on a daily basis. Although she loves serving our clients directly, most often she applies her creativity to internal systems and processes. Fueling her efforts is her goal to make JDI a place where everyone on the team finds their work meaningful and appreciates the impact they have on others.

The importance of meaningful work for everyone carries over into Liz’s extracurriculars as well. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas (DSACT) and the programming committee of Culturati Summit 2018.

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Safeties are my favorite play in football.
I first drove a pickup solo at age 8.
I got frostbite on my pinky toe and it's never been the same.
My favorite Australian animal is the wombat.