As a Vice President at JDI, I work directly with clients to set marketing strategy and ensure we track towards our goals. I still get my hands dirty writing press releases and case studies, talking to customers, debating with analysts, penning op-eds and executing product launches. You can’t advance the discipline if you aren’t practicing it.

A few of the clients I’m most proud to have helped bring to market or grow include: Siri, Aptimize (Riverbed), Republic Wireless, OpenStack, NGINX, Homeboy, Trapit, Groundfloor, and Viv.

I’m also General Manager of Totem, a software startup we incubated at JDI. Totem builds hosted press pages that 8 out of 10 journalists prefer. If you don't have a press page, we'd love to make a great one for you.

When I'm not working, I'm cooking French and Italian food, gardening with moderate success, and generally being too loud with my 2 kids, Audrey and Harry, and my wonderful wife Cameron.

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Fun Facts

I love grass… growing it, cutting it, watering it, etc.
Cilantro tastes like a gross combination of feet and spoiled milk to me.
I'm fond of second rate electronics and cheap cars from South Korea.
I love the meat section at grocery stores… I go there when I'm stressed out.