As Director, Operations, Justin Davis creates and implements systems that track our KPIs. He excels at analyzing and interpreting data that guides the decisions made by the executive and operations teams. Justin brings a meticulous eye to research and has an affinity for finances.

Prior to Jones-Dilworth, Justin was a Loss Mitigation Specialist at OneWest Bank (acquired by CIT Group, 2015). Over the course of five years, he built the bank’s first quality control department, implemented new auditing policies, and helped senior executives navigate an ever-changing landscape of regulation and compliance issues.

Justin values precision, accuracy, and clarity—and speaks spreadsheet as a second language. He believes no process is sacred, or perfect. He’s uniquely gifted at finding the signal in the noise.

On any given day, he’s either doing mathematical party tricks for the amusement of the team, sprinkling dry humor into staff meeting notes, or reading up on the latest about the San Antonio Spurs. Justin is unbeatable at movie and TV trivia, and he would like to be an avid golfer.

Find him on Linkedin here.

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I once drove from Austin to Las Vegas stopping only for gas.
I was at the Spurs-Lakers game when Derek Fisher hit the shot with 0.4 seconds left.
I had an appendectomy at 15.
I was an extra in the movie The Faculty.