An experienced designer across many mediums, Judith is a communicator and consultant at heart. She has been guiding clients to success for nearly a decade, driven by a desire to bring lasting impact to projects, causes and organizations.

As a Director at JDI focused on design, Judith helps our clients build and grow their brands. She listens intently, assimilates an organization’s challenges and converts those insights into visual solutions that have proven transformative to our PR and Marketing efforts across the board. Judith believes in design as a powerful tool for communication- it is not enough to create stunning graphics, there must be a clear message and purpose. As a designer, Judith goes beyond producing great work- she also provides pointed counsel that ultimately guide our projects to success.

Her clients at JDI include public affairs, healthcare, emerging technologies among many others. She is particularly proud of her work on projects with, Rewired, and DSACT. Prior to JDI, Judith held multiple agency positions spanning in-house, advertising, architecture and freelance.

Judith was born in Caracas, Venezuela, before her family immigrated to Puerto Rico at an early age. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Design and Illustration from The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, and has since settled in Austin.

At the end of the day, Judith enjoys making beautiful things, collaborating with brilliant people and having loud, passionate conversations.

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Fun Facts

I enjoy life drawing and portraiture, and have made portraits of many of my coworkers in past jobs.
I keep the jewish Sabbath (Saturday) and strictly drop all work from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday.
I keep trying to be vegan, and failing (eggs!)
I swam with sharks in Belize.