Josh is CEO of JDI, which he founded in 2009. Josh has spent his career making sure that what’s important gets your attention.

Josh has particular expertise in "brains, bots and bodies."​ His work focuses on artificial intelligence, big data, healthcare IT, omics,​ additive manufacturing, and scientific research commercialization.

Josh is also a co-founder of Litmus Health, Culturati, the RAD Office Tour, The Daily Dot, and Totem. He serves on each of their Boards.

The Daily Dot is a newspaper about the Internet and one of the fastest-growing online media ventures of all-time. Totem is the hosted press page that 8 out of 10 journalists prefer, and Litmus is a data science platform for clinical trials.

Culturati is a community of leaders who believe in the power of corporate culture. RAD showcases the workspace of leading organizations in Austin, TX.

Josh is a Venture Partner at NextGen Angels, the first network-driven venture firm. He has recently begun teaching at the Acton School of Business's MBA program in Entrepreneurship. He is also a Mentor at DivInc, Pipeline, Techstars, and Capital Factory.

Josh's community and philanthropic affiliations include The Entrepreneurs Foundation, St. James Episcopal Church, and The McDonogh School of Baltimore.

Josh blogs at You should follow him on Twitter here and on LinkedIn here.


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Fun Facts

I was given a full ride to an incredible high school in Baltimore called McDonogh that changed my life forever.
Nearly everything I needed to be a good CEO I learned as an executive assistant. There's no way I am here otherwise.
I played the violin for 11 years. I ran hurdles in high school and college. I might still be able to tap dance.
My wife Liz and I grew up Catholic. We were married in a Quaker ceremony by a Rabbi. Now we're Episcopalian.