John Robert is a problem solver focused on growth. He thrives in environments that have no playbook.

A veteran marketer with more than 10 years experience, JR is a founding member of JDI.

John Robert makes sure clients succeed. Some examples of his favorite work includes Siri (Apple), Aviate (Yahoo), Austin City Limits, Roku, Livefyre (Adobe), Spanning (EMC), Viv (Samsung), and Kernel. If there’s a way to aggressively growing a customer or user base, he’ll find it.

He blends earned, owned, and paid media into campaigns that disproportionately convert. His expertise traverses audience development, lead generation, user experience, conversion optimization, funnel design, and behavioral analytics. Reed also doggedly maintains a strength in media relations. He knows better than anyone that PR still sits at the very top of most marketing stacks, and for good reason.

John Robert is a mentor for the Growth Collective, TechStars, and House of Genius.

While at JDI, he also helped develop and launch the agency’s first software product, Totem. Totem is hands down the best press page out there.

Prior to joining Jones-Dilworth, he booked talent for South By Southwest and helped produce the South Padre Music Festival, the first of its kind. Prior to that he also worked for two agencies doing public affairs and corporate branding.

Reed holds B.S. in Public Relations and a concentration in business from the University of Texas at Austin.


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I was gifted a .22 rifle, won the city-wide Science Fair and the Invent Austin contest all in 6th grade — it was a good year.
I visit and swim in the Soul of Austin every Sunday.
I'm addicted to pesto — anything with pesto is magical and I'll eat it.
When I play golf I putt right handed and pitch left handed.