Born and raised outside Baltimore, Heather has long been fascinated with human behavior and the wide range of factors that influence it. She began her career studying urban planning at the University of Virginia, where she learned that the things we don’t see or notice have a bigger impact than most of us like to believe.

Her interest in the ‘UX of cities’ led her to earn her master’s in Media Studies and Technology from the University of Texas at Austin, and continues to inform the way she thinks about user experience and the larger sociological implications of emerging technologies.

At JDI, Heather’s work with health tech, artificial intelligence and agtech clients has validated her belief that technology can save the world, but only if people want to hear about it. As a Manager, Marketing, at JDI, she loves nothing more than to help tell technology’s most exciting stories. Prior to JDI, she managed customer service, events and operations at General Assembly and was a transit supervisor at the University of Virginia.

Despite her experience in technology, Heather learned most of what she knows driving a bus for a living. Outside of work, Heather loves to bake, spin yarns (literally and figuratively), and have long conversations with her dog and cat. She is still hunting for the best bagel in Austin.

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Fun Facts

I still have my Commercial Driver's License from my bus driving days (just in case)
I think a good piece of bread is the best sweet in the world
I can sing the entirety of the Lion King song (you know the one) in Swahili
I had Bell’s Palsy once and tried to make light of it by pretending to be Two-Face