As a farmer’s daughter from Northwest Iowa, Emily’s character was formed by dragging a hoe through soybean fields, dreaming about making people laugh. That combination of grit and creativity is what she looks for as part of JDI’s recruitment team.

Emily, (executive assistant to the CEO, and Manager, Operations) orchestrates complex scheduling and travel plans. She is known among her co-workers for finding a way when there is none, using her mystical scheduling skills to bend time and space. She helps keep the trains at JDI running on time, and ensures that we’re able to accommodate clients on tight timelines.

Emily’s training in acting and improvisation amplify her natural ability to listen, respond with empathy, and build relationships quickly. Saving all the drama for the screen and stage, she is appreciated by her colleagues for her cool head as well her quick wits.

Emily also contributes to JDI’s operations by facilitating our team’s feedback and evaluation processes, as well as researching and implementing new ideas for health and wellness. Most recently, her energy has been aimed at developing a more inclusive hiring process at JDI.

Emily lives and works in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood with her husband, Sal. You aren’t likely to meet her if you come to our Austin office, but she makes a couple taco-filled appearances each year.

In her free time, Emily devotes a considerable amount effort to attaining “Bachelor contestant” hair (getting close), checking off the Thrillist list of “10 Best Nachos in Chicago” with her girlfriends (half-way there), and contemplating what Tom Hardy can’t do (nothing, it seems).

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My cursive looks like Napolean Dynamite's.
I have a freakish memory for dates on which seemingly inconsequential things happened.
In fifth grade, I won both the essay and poster contest at our D.A.R.E. program graduation. It did not make me popular.
I once had to be vaccinated for Rabies when my apartment was infested with bats. I was famous at the Fairview Medical Center ER.