Brittany is a Vice President at JDI, focused on marketing and business development. She helps move big, classical industries forward. Her work spans food systems and agriculture, healthcare and manufacturing.

Today she is particularly focused on synthetic biology, digital therapeutics, genomics and precision agriculture. Representative clients include Clear Labs, Insitome, Bina Technologies (acquired by Roche), Farmobile, Ozlo (acquired by Facebook) and Vida Health.

The key to communicating scientific concepts to large groups of people is discerning the basic building blocks of any given breakthrough. There’s almost always an old technology behind each new one.

As such, Brittany is at her best when marketing science from the inside out, starting with a solid understanding of a technology’s fundamentals. She has an uncanny ability to convey esoteric concepts to a mass market.

A born communicator, Brittany has parlayed a traditional strength in media relations into a broad base of experience across the marketing spectrum. Her current specialties include: messaging and positioning, lead generation targeting scientific audiences, thought leadership and content marketing.

Brittany also co-leads JDI’s business development efforts; she is responsible for developing new practice areas like food systems and consumer genomics. She spends as much time cultivating relationships in Memphis, Raleigh, Blacksburg, and Baltimore as she does in Austin or Silicon Valley.

Brittany is a five year veteran of JDI. Previously she helped start The Food Lab, ran the Food Studies Project, interned at Texas Monthly, and wrote for the Daily Texan.
Brittany lives outside of Austin in historic Georgetown, Texas, with her husband, Tim, and her two dogs, Scout and Charlie. She spends her time outdoors as much as possible. If she’s not hiking or kayaking, she can be found in her backyard garden where she’s quickly developing a green thumb.

You can follow her on Twitter at @brittanyrhea and on LinkedIn here.

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I used to live in a barn.
Indian food is my comfort food.
In high school one of my household chores was to put diapers on baby kangaroos.
My favorite book is Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. I read it every summer.