Aliyah is an associate marketer and designer working on how to best communicate content and style to audiences verbally and visually. At JDI, she gets particularly excited to work on inventing brands through design thinking.

As a little girl growing up in Zimbabwe, Aliyah and her sisters would spend hours playing with the only toys available to them: Barbie. They sewed doll clothes, constructed furniture from wood and styrofoam, and acted out scenes they saw in their neighborhood. Aliyah attributes all this time with a doll in her hand to her creativity, love for making things, and need to analyze human interactions.

Aliyah studied Sociology and Studio Art at Santa Clara University and, as a result of drinking the Silicon Valley water, developed a strong interest in technology. At JDI, she’s exploring the ways in which culture and social structures shape the design and use of technology, and how technology, in turn, influences cultural and social experiences.

While in school, Aliyah worked as a researcher at the Omidyar Network, a marketer at IT’S TIME TEXAS, and a designer at Kurbo Health. Now at JDI, she is melding all three experiences into one.

Outside of JDI, Aliyah loves rearranging her apartment, playing pickup basketball, busting a move at dance class, and, of course, playing with Barbie, Ken, and her little cousins.

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I placed 4th in a State Track & Field competition for high jump.
I'm talented at burning almost everything I cook. I stick to baking.
Regular day trips as a child included going to the Lion and Cheetah Park #Africa
I could spend hours doing rebus puzzles.