Alexa is a Director, Marketing at JDI where she helps clients successfully break into markets with high barriers. She prizes agility and swiftness, helping her clients create influence and build momentum on a daily basis. Done well, small moments can impact major movements.

A teacher at heart, Alexa has learned how to harness the “kids-eye” view. She gravitates towards above and beyond ideas, where nothing big or small is out of bounds. It’s “what if” and “yes, and,” and then rolling up her sleeves to make the blue sky a reality.

A few of the clients she’s proudly brought to market include Triggr Health, Conversable, Clear Labs, Litmus Health and Kernel.

In her other life, Alexa is back to her teaching roots. Before JDI she worked closely with underprivileged youth as an instructor in AmeriCorps, and today she’s a therapeutic riding instructor at a center in Austin.

You’ll rarely find her without dirt under her nails or her canine companion, Luna. She calls many places home, having been born in Canada, raised in Charleston, and educated in Scotland.

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I climbed Kilimanjaro in 2014.
I collect coffee mugs from everywhere I go. My favorite is the one my sister made me.
I took a gap year before college to work with AmeriCorps & Children Together.
I never, ever skip breakfast.