A humanist and an avowed generalist, Tony is fascinated by the way technology shapes cultural narratives. He is specifically interested in technologies that help us to augment the human body.

Tony earned his doctorate at UT Austin where he taught cultural history and rhetoric and founded an academic journal. He joined JDI after a decade in academia. ​Along the way, he launched​ a coffee-roasting company and taught high-school literature.

Tony loves food and obsesses over wine. He earns his culinary indulgences running Austin’s Hike and Bike Trail and canoeing Texas rivers. He is hopelessly addicted to detective novels, fascinated by underground urban infrastructure, and likes taking stuff apart.

You can find him on LinkedIn here.


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Fun Facts

I used to work as a divemaster and a boat captain, and I've logged over 1000 scuba dives.
I climbed Mt. Etna while it was (mildly) erupting.
I participated in the 1996 Footbag World Championships. I still like to shred, but my legs don't move like they used to.
I once worked for a village blacksmith, and using a plasma cutter is still one of the coolest things I've ever done.