Todd has a multidisciplinary background. This honed his ability to connect dots in seemingly disparate industries and ideas. It also makes him pretty darn good at trivial pursuit.

He believes that emerging technologies will improve the lives of people and is focused on creating narratives that will create new markets or disrupt outdated ways to help people.

Having lived in the Rust Belt, Sun Belt, and the Pacific Northwest he has yet to decide if constant drizzle is easier to deal with than 100 degree days.

He enjoys interpreting musical lyrics and has a special fondness for a well written turn of phrase. You can find him at concerts or rocking out alone while walking or running.


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My first job was pushing carts through the snow and slush in Buffalo, NY.
I took a poetry workshop class with Charles Bernstein where I was introduced to Allen Ginsberg before a reading he gave.
My first car was an Oldsmobile Delta 88 - with floorboards that had completely rusted through - think Fred Flintstone.
I taught myself how to ride a motorcycle. Health hazard? You bet!