Rebecca is a Vice President at JDI. She's spent the better part of the last decade helping companies — large and small — craft and evolve their narrative, and introduce themselves, their products, and their ideas to the public. The majority of her experience lies in consumer technology, and she gets especially excited when working in the sports, music, and nonprofit verticals.

At JDI, she works closely with our clients and account teams to build + execute communications strategies and programs that move the needle for their business. She's responsible for growing design and development services -- we believe every great marketer keeps design and code top-of-mind. She oversees everything from design-related internal professional development to in-house and outsourced design and dev work.

Her other core hat involves discovering and uncovering great consultants and convincing them to join our team, while helping our core group learn, grow, and find fulfillment in their work. We push our clients and account teams to think radically, and in the same way she is always on the lookout for ways to shake up how we do things internally at JDI.

She loves to paint, draw, and hand-letter (paper is back, baby!), and owns an outrageous number of books that make moving extremely laborious (but it is 262% worth it). She dabbles in random tech projects like old Access databases and fun websites, and one of her favorite pastimes is running an annual month-long (and movie-themed) Invitational competition.

You can find her on LinkedIn here.


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I've never broken a bone. [Knock on wood]
In college, I would bowl at least once a week. My high score is 256.
I lived in Belgium for a few years in high school. Regrettably the only Flemish I recall are the days of the week.
As a kid, my dream was to sing and dance in a Broadway musical. And by kid I mean 30 year old.