As a founding team member, John Robert (or "JR") has worked on a wide cross-section of startups and brings experience in naming and branding, messaging and positioning, media and analyst relations, fundraising, event planning, and growth strategy.

He has also served as a product manager at Totem, the press page company, and held several marketing positions in music and technology, including SXSW and the South Padre Music Festival. His experience building and marketing products lends him a unique perspective on what it takes to make startups succeed.

In no particular order, he loves BBQ, Texas, fly fishing, horology, camping, reading real books, (sci-fi) movies, good art, trolling Soundcloud, surf culture, the Houston Texans, playing 42 (i.e., dominoes), and, of course, all things Internet.

You should follow him on Twitter here.


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Fun Facts

I was gifted a .22 rifle, won the city-wide Science Fair and the Invent Austin contest all in 6th grade — it was a good year.
I visit and swim in the Soul of Austin every Sunday.
I'm addicted to pesto — anything with pesto is magical and I'll eat it.
When I play golf I putt right handed and pitch left handed.