Doug Freeman obsesses over how we talk about technology, and how technology informs our social and cultural narratives. With JDI since its founding, his interests span from new media models and adtech to artificial intelligence and advanced social data technologies.

Doug earned his Master’s degree studying digital rhetoric at the University of Texas, where he taught in the Digital Writing and Research Lab. He also writes for the Austin Chronicle, covering music, film, and technology, and profiling some of the most interesting artists and personalities throughout Texas. He has written for numerous publications, including the Daily Dot and Kernel, and is co-editor of the Austin Chronicle Music Anthology, published by University of Texas Press. He is currently finishing his first novel.

Doug laughs too loud, argues too much, and asks too many questions. You can find him on Twitter and just about anywhere else as @DMFreeman.


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I have traveled to every state except two: Hawaii and Oklahoma
I was once stranded in St. Thomas for two months.
I worked at a fish cannery in Alaska.
I nearly drowned while rafting the Grand Canyon