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  1. Insightpool seeks to combine sales and social marketing to improve both

  2. Viv, built by Siri's creators, scores $12.5 million for an A.I. technology that can teach itself

  3. OpenStack Superuser award nominations are now open!

  4. McGraw-Hill teams with Cerego on adaptive learning for world languages

  5. The Daily Dot is nominated for "Publisher of the Year" award

  6. Insightpool acquires Next Principles for smarter selling on social media

  7. Bottlenose scores $13.4M to help enterprises spot emerging trends and threats in real-time

  8. Winter is coming for wearables

  9. It's time we ditched the term 'cart' in online shopping

  10. How ‘venture builders’ are changing the startup model

  11. Nick White on PBS Newshour on how to spot fake reviews

  12. Fred Brown on "riding for the brand" in Entrepreneur

  13. Man Saves Wife’s Sight by 3D Printing Her Tumor

  14. Personalized learning comes to EdCast with Cerego partnership

  15. Bottlenose is #13 in the top 100 startups in L.A.

  16. Michael Patton in TechCrunch on how 3D printing is making medical devices cool again

  17. Interview with Next IT's Founder and CEO Fred Brown

  18. Bottlenose's report on "coffee talk" shows cookies are out, coconut is in

  19. An adaptive training program like no other

  20. Homeboy: A mini, motion-detecting home security camera that packs a punch

  21. Insightpool updates its audience analysis tools for marketers

  22. Beyond the reminder: Patients need virtual assistants to help with meds

  23. Medical Innovation Labs launches with plans for world-class 3D printing and prototyping lab

  24. Chris Bennet on Facebook's crackdown on clickbait

  25. Insightpool raises $4M in Series A

  26. Cerego is a Gates Foundation "Next Generation Courseware Challenge" finalist!

  27. Datafiniti re-architects its web-crawler engine

  28. The Cowboy CEO's 7 Truths About Risk Learned Riding the Rodeo Circuit

  29. Apple-U2 Duet Causes a 41% Drop in Social Sentiment

  30. Dag Kittlaus on the imminent explosion in AI

  31. Groundfloor Raises $1M, Moves to Georgia to Crowdfund Real Estate

  32. The next step for intelligent virtual assistants...

  33. Soldsie: The world's first social selling platform

  34. EdgeCase brings a smarter approach to navigating online retailers

  35. OpenStack Unveils Inaugural Superuser Awards

  36. BaseHealth pioneers a new kind of medical record, providing patients with a 360-degree view of their health.

  37. NextIT CEO's 8 business rules learned roping cattle

  38. Andrew Smith Lewis talks with NPR about the quality of online education

  39. Josh talks with The Creative Executive on taking the long view, the importance of transparency, and getting help

  40. Bottlenose Updates Its Trend-Finding Tools With Automation, Emotion Detection, And An API

  41. The difference between traffic and audience

  42. Brooklyn: Taco Capital of the United States

  43. StepOne raises $4 million to keep a new generation of consumers happy

  44. Soldsie lets you shop via Facebook and Instagram comments and raises $4 million

  45. Tracking Is Dead: The Next Wave of Wearables Is Context

  46. Ted in TheNextWeb on how transparency is transforming the mobile device market

  47. Josh on counter-cyber-culture and the new age of internet

  48. The Importance Of Noun Phrases

  49. A handful of Austin's coolest companies

  50. A brief history of the Austin tech scene by our very own Doug

  51. Notification overload: Why I’m turning off my phone alerts …By Andy Hickl

  52. Josh in The Verge on SXSW's conflicted relationship with marketing

  53. Top 10 people most likely to redefine venture capital in Austin by 2020

  54. 3 Promising New Approaches To Content Marketing

  55. Healthcare Right Now

  56. Upworthy places value on user engagement, not clicks

  57. Practically Green raises $3M to help companies be more sustainable

  58. The Daily Dot Acquires The Kernel

  59. Lifelogging: A Step Up For Connected Devices?

  60. Qortex helps teams focus on the task at hand

  61. Can humans fall in love with bots? Nova Spivack and Fred Brown weigh in for The New Yorker

  62. Cerego and Elsevier team up to prepare future doctors and nurses for real world performance

  63. Our own Brittany Smith interviews Freight Farms for WIRED

  64. Aviate provides personalized information at the moment it's useful

  65. OpenStack Havana Has Amazon-Like Aura

  66. Nova Spivack on consolidating the "quantified self" market

  67. NextIT's Alme For Healthcare Helps Doctors Be Super Efficient with Patient Time

  68. An All-Star List of Capital Factory's Alumni

  69. My Asics app is a "stat's nerds dream"

  70. NGINX is taking over the internet

  71. Cerego's new tool will actually help you retain what you're learning

  72. New Zealand nixes software patents, won't tolerate patent trolls

  73. Nginx, the popular open-source Web server, goes commercial

  74. Using a Smartphone’s Eyes and Ears to Log Your Every Move

  75. Bottlenose Raises $3.6 Million

  76. Genomic Vending Machines Coming To University Campuses

  77. Ferris crowdsources mobile video to create an evolving story of the world around you

  78. It’s not a fitness tracker, it’s a moral compass

  79. Ex-Yahoo CEO backs genomics big data startup Bina

  80. This is the best-performing Daily Dot article of all-time

  81. Read Doug's Chronicle cover story on Guy Clark

  82. The App of God

  83. Spivack: The Post-Privacy World

  84. Outbox raises $5 million series A

  85. Saga uses your smartphone's eyes and ears to log your life

  86. Aviate, intelligent Android homescreen, raises stellar round

  87. Engineering Genomics: How do we get more engineers involved?

  88. Charge your phone battery while you bike with Siva Cycle

  89. Why LinkedIn is successful at content creation, while other social networks fail...

  90. Han:dle captures the whole life cycle of an email

  91. Cerego gives personalized education tool myths the business

  92. The 7 Mustards of JDI

  93. Splitsecnd keeps you and your family safe on the road, no matter how old your wheels are

  94. "No one is crazy enough to do what we're doing" - Outbox crushes their San Francisco launch...

  95. Check out Aaron Ross Sorkin's Hubub on fiscal sequestration.

  96. RT @myasics -- Just passed 3,000,000 logged runs! #w00t

  97. OpenStack's Jonathan Price gets us closer to the data heavens...

  98. "Perfection is simply too expensive" - Spanning's Mike Pav on cloud uptime

  99. A look inside SRI's venture process with Norman Winarsky

  100. Bina Technologies lays out the future of personalized medicine in VentureBeat

  101. Slope and Muse featured in BusinessWeek as "Fantasy Gadgets", except they're real...

  102. Singly Launches Its Developer Platform, Universe Rejoices

  103. We're obsessed with Slope, a kick-ass tablet stand. Take a look.

  104. Hive's security camera alerts your friends and family of unwanted activity around your house...and it's adorable

  105. Four More Years! Some of our clients weigh in on what will be most important to them during Obama's next term

  106. InteraXon's "Muse" is a heart monitor for your brain

  107. The Economist compares Trapit's origin story to a Jason Bourne plot

  108. It's ballad day here at JDI

  109. OpenStack: We can tell Amazon what to do, instead of the other way around

  110. Hexaflexagons and the mysteries of flexigation. Happy October!

  111. The Daily Dot has hit 1MM uniques/month. What.

  112. Trapit's new iPad app flat-out rocks.

  113. Say hello to Siri's chatty little sister.

  114. Five business lessons from the US Navy.

  115. Congrats to Kevin LaHaise, our new VP!

  116. For the fans of smooth jams and covers, I submit a cover of Ignition (Remix) by R Kelly. Enjoy!

  117. The End of Music Blogging and the New Editorial Voice of Streaming, by our own Doug Freeman

  118. What happens when JDI wins big?

  119. I contributed a few of the entries on this site. They've combined two of my favorite things!

  120. Best worst headline of the week "'Big Data' Captures Massive Amount of Information"

  121. Song of the Week

  122. Take a video tour of the JDI office.

  123. Totem Launches Disruptive, Next-Gen, Feature-Rich, Self-Serve Press Page Builder Into Open Beta (Which Means You Can Use It Right Now Without An Invite From Some Hipster)

  124. Crunchies: Siri Wins Best Technology Achievement

  125. We LOVE our lawyers!

  126. JDI Quick Poll: We have an average of 13 tabs open at 12:10 PM. Jan 17.

  127. Josh quoted in Adweek's article on Infographics

  128. JDI's wellness plan featured in Amex OpenForum

  129. Josh's 2012 Online Data Predictions

  130. Top 11 Webcomics of 2011, by Liz

  131. Geico Turns One Man’s PR Trash Into Their Own PR Gold.

  132. Be More #Awesome.

  133. Everyone loves Michael Bolton.

  134. There's only 3 of us in the office today.

  135. Thanks to you, we raised $5K for the ATX Ronald McDonald House.

  136. First look at 2012 tech trends: Edtech edition.

  137. My favorite Tumblr this week.

  138. Venture For America Wants To Create 100,000 New Jobs.

  139. Follow the whole JDI team on Twitter here.

  140. "The characteristic art form of our age may be the business plan"

  141. It's Nate's Birthday!

  142. Truth in advertising? An oldie but a goodie.

  143. It's cakeball o'clock around here...

  144. Price destruction is fun.

  145. Is this our generation?

  146. So, this happened back in March. Pre-pistachios, yo.

  147. Kreayshawn is sittin' on the Daily Dot.

  148. WE'LL DO IT LIVE! (The best video to watch while launching anything. Including this site.)

  149. Venkat's new Forbes blog is unusually good.

  150. Stay tuned for scenes from next season...

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